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What Our Happy Parents Are Saying…

We are proud to share the testimonials of a few of our satisfied parents.


Both my children have gone to HHFCC since they were infants. While my youngest is 1, my oldest is now 3 1/2 and I am amazed at her capabilites. Everyone compliments how well she speaks for her age, her manners, her ability to socialize with other children, etc. Mrs. Otumfuo is an EXCELLENT teacher and even sits down with parents regularly to discuss progress reports. My family is re-locating and we are so sad to leave HHFCC. I consider us blessed to have been a part of not only Ms. Otumfuo’s school, but her family too. If I could give her 10 stars, I would. She certainly deserves it. I highly recommend Happy Home Family Child Care.

Jessica T. – 2019

Mrs.Otumfu runs a very nurturing, caring and professional daycare. My kids have been attending Happy Home Family care for about 3 years now. Let me say this, She’s amazing! I seen quick results in my kids within a month. Her teaching tactics really help a child feel comfortable and confident in what they learn/do. I also liked that she kept me in the loop if there were things she noticed my kids needed extra help with. Fortunately, my eldest has started preschool and I’m so happy knowing that he is ahead of his other classmates and most importantly he’s confident and happy. My other two still attend and I’m sure once they start school it will be a great start for them. I’d definitely recommend happy home family child care, you won’t be disappointed.

Vanessa – 2019

Happy Home Family Child Care is not just a day care, but truly “a home away from home”. The facility is clean, the kids are provided with excellent learning materials which gets them to hit the ground running wherever they find themselves. They are always happy and don’t want to go home after school. Happy Home is a wonderful place and i would recommend on any day to friends and family. God richly bless you Mrs Patricia Otumfuo, you are amazing.

Mac A. – 2019

Corran and Allana have been attending Happy Home Family Childcare in Laurel, MD since March 2017.
Patricia has shared with us pictures of our children learning, socializing, having fun, and learning to share.
In four short months, Corran has learned to read, write, and basic math and how to be a good friend. Allana is quickly gaining strength in pulling herself up and is now a speedy crawler. My children are happy and continue to be challenged each day. I am in awe of the wonderful work of Patricia Otumfuo!

Nichole S. – 2017

We are so happy we found HHFCC! It is like a home away from home for our children and with Mrs. Otumfuo’s background in education, our daughters are learning more than we could have ever imagined. Our oldest is 2.5 years old and she’s been with Mrs. Otumfuo since 2015 and she’s doing so well. She speaks so clearly, knows how to count and loves putting jigsaw puzzles together. It was very important to our family to have our daughters in a place where they are happy, loved and learning. With HHFCC we have found the complete package. Mrs. Otumfuo loves our daughters as her own and for that we are grateful!

Niqui C. – 2016

We could not be any more pleased with the care our daughter receives at Happy Home Family Childcare! Searching for a place to enroll our daughter was one of the toughest decisions of my life. It was incredibly important to me that she be with people who would be an extension of her family. Yes curriculum was of the utmost importance, but I also wanted her to be someplace where she felt loved and genuinely cared about. Mrs. Otumfuo has been not only a great teacher, but also a great “aunty”! Our daughter has now been enrolled for almost a year, and it has been wonderful to see her growth under Mrs. Otumfuo’s care. She is learning at an accelerated rate, says “please” and “thank you” like the polite child of my dreams, and – most importantly – is a HAPPY and well-adjusted 2 year old. I drive 20-30 minutes in the OPPOSITE direction of work every weekday for this child care, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kadzo W. 2016

My wife and I decided to put my daughter in a day care when she was a year old. We stumbled upon Happy Home while searching online and decided to give them a shot because it wasn’t too far from our home in Laurel. The decision to put our daughter in Happy Home is probably one of the best decisions we have made together as a couple. The proprietress, Mrs Patricia Otumfuor is God sent. She is very professional and very knowledgeable about Early childhood development. She actually has a Masters in Early childhood development or something of that sort. My daughter is not even 2 and she knows her ABC to Z, she can count from 1- 13, she knows colors, shapes .. she knows what an octagon is and I have co-workers who can’t identify an octagon. She is the best I have seen hands down. She is also very good with the kids. When you come to pick the kids up from school and they start crying because they don’t want to go home with you but rather stay in school, you know she is doing everything right. She loves the kids and they also love her. I am grateful because when I drop my kid off and go to work, I have no worries because I know she is in good hands. Happy Home is simply the best.

Daniel L. – 2016

Happy Home Family Child Care is a nurturing and enriching environment. It is more than a day care and lives up to its adage of “your home away from home”. The facility is well lit and stocked with child appropriate learning activities and play materials. There is enough material and love for every child. The exciting thing about this child care center is that it is Montessori inspired and the owner is qualified to instruct accordingly. She continuously upgrades her instruction materials in order to remain current with emerging trends in education. In my over 10 years experience of finding care for children, I have not encountered a child care center of this caliber. You can be assured that your child will excel academically and socially. I highly recommend this place for your child.

Mercy L. – 2015

Sending my children to Happy Home Family Child Care was the best decision I made. As a single mom, I was a little apprehensive leaving my children with anyone; however, at the recommendation of my neighbor, I decided to look into HHFCC. I was not disappointed. Mrs. Otumfuo’s Montessori inspired teaching and learning style fit perfectly with my vision. When I initially stepped foot in HHFCC, I was immediately impressed with the set up. As I watched Mrs. Otumfuo’s interact with the other children, I was at put at ease knowing my children were being left in the best of care. Whenever I pick my kids up, they gleefully reminisce about their day, and I am reminded of the decision I made when I chose HHFCC. I am eternally grateful to Mrs. Otumfuo’s for taking good care of my children during the day. If you are seeking great child care for your little ones, I highly recommend Happy Home Family Child Care.

Jessica E. – 2015

I highly recommend Happy Home Family Child Care to every parent who want a solid foundation for their children. The love, care, discipline and patience for the kids is something every parent will appreciate. The classroom is well organized and neat. Above all the Montessori teaching instruction demonstrated by the teacher is fantastic. Mrs. Otumfuo is well experienced, devoted and a dedicated teacher. The Child Care also provides a safe and secure environment for the kids. We the Johnson Family wanted to express our appreciation for the great foundation Mrs. Otumfuo brought to the life of our son Julius. Julius has developed exceptional skill in language, early reading and math that prepares him for Kindergarten. Mrs. Otumfuo, we say big thank you. No parent will ever regret sending his/her child to Happy Home Family Child Care.

William J. – 2015

Happy Home is truly an amazing place for kids my 3rd old had a lot fun n hands on experience with montessori learning materials, it’s really a home away from home, he learned a lot both academically n socially. He’s going to pre-k in the fall and he’s more than ready becasue of his experience at happy home. I will totally recommend it to every parent. It is a great start for every child.

Lola – 2015

Happy Home Family Child Care is really my child’s “Home Away from Home”. The set up is great with developmentally appropriate materials, and very conducive for learning. The children have fun but very serious with their studies. Happy Home Family Child Care being Montessori inspired, the children learn to be calm, independent and very responsible. Mrs. Otumfuo is not only a child care provider but also a certified teacher and she is friendly, caring, loving and very dedicated in guiding the children to succeed in their studies. My family is very glad to have our four years old daughter enrolled in this child care because she has learned a lot. Mama knows all her phonetic sounds, put (blend) the sounds together to form words. Infact, our daughter is reading fluently at age four, wow! My family is very proud to recommend this educational facility to everyone especially people in Laurel who need child care services.

Seth G. – 2015


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